BSR024 (Aug 14)

Nidia Minaj
Estudio da Mana


Nidia Minaj is a 17 year-old DJ based in Bordeaux, France, and one of very few female Kuduro producers. Drawing on the Portugese speaking heritage of her Cape Verdean and Guinea Bissauan parents, Nidia’s music is inspired by the ghetto of Vale de Amoreira, Portugal, where she spent most of her childhood. She remains closely connected to the Young Portugal scene of DJs making innovative and emotive forms of Kuduro and Afro House dance music. Prior to her solo career, Nidia was part of Kaninas Squad, an all-girl teenage Kuduro group. Continue reading

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Release date: 1 August 2014

In Nidia’s self-assured and often-frenzied debut, hyper-real synths stab strategically between coarse, fastidiously programmed beats made of crackling hand percussion, whistles and drum machine samples. Nidia’s own voice is repeatedly sampled, spliced and repeated in innovative ways that recall Jersey Club or Baile Funk. Various vocal badges (announcing Nidia’s name, her crew Estudio da Mana, and so on) also punctuate the release.