BSR016 (Nov 11)

Mobile Rekodi Situdio


In mid-2010, Brothersister travelled to Nairobi, Kenya and set up a mobile recording studio in the slum township of Kibera in the offices of the Pamoja Youth Foundation. Continue reading

The recordings were then flown back to Australia and disseminated amongst Melbourne producers for the second phase of production. The result is an astounding 12-track compilation in which dynamic Kenyan rap sub-genres such as Rocco Hip-Hop, Genge, Bongo, and Swahili-Jah are routed through a range of styles ranging from R&B, Bass, Experimental Pop to Minimal Techno.


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1. Whipsta – Pesa (prod. ii)
2. One-B – Kibera Ghetto (prod. Soloroyce)
3. Jacki Zebraz – Mama (prod. Erothug & Shamcocks)
4. X-Cute – Born Bad Man (prod. Okey Szoke)
5. X-Cute – Leader of Tomorrow (prod. Erothug)
6. Madcat – Puff da Cig (prod. Kharkov)
7. Madcat – Genesis (prod. Oskar Dun)
8. Madcat – Mad Prince (prod. Gayve)
9. Whipsta – Bombshell (prod. Okey Szoke)
10. Norbert – Deadly Virus (prod. Faux Pas)
11. Whipsta – Freestyle I (prod. Honey Tail)
12. Whipsta РFreestyle II (prod. Kharkov)