bsr003 (Mar 06)

Young Love
Helmets & Flags


Young Love plays in the tradition of neo-pop neurotica. Their debut self-titled ep is the mating call of the smallest member of the herd. Continue reading

  1. Helmets and Flags
  2. Street
  3. Possessed
  4. King Cobra
  5. Love on the Run

Young Love began as Gavan and Royce playing samick guitars and casio keyboards through cheap practice amps under the name of “le group inutil.” They graduated to paradisaical pop as “paradise hawaiian style” before enlisting Sam on drums and Foxy’s floral bass playing to become a real band.

This is where hideously delicious horror soundtrack primitivism meets the persuasion that all you disco-beat, synth-punk jerks like, but done the way it should be. They howl like wolves! ‘Possessed’ features a repetitious, dissonant lock-groove that winds up stabbing itself. Truly. ‘King Kobra’ is a hot one here — a huge, plomping death procession for jungle shimmies, woodblocks on the off-beat ticking away the seconds of your life! ‘Love On The Run’ kisses us goodbye — a camp, sexy throwback to the beatsier, commercial synthpop bands of the boy-crazy late 80s. Isolated in style from the rest of the EP, it’s a fittingly palatable chaser to this deadly cocktail.

– Adrian Trajstman, Mess and Noise