BSR027 (Jan 16)

DJ Kleva Kaslam – Omukukutu Funky Tunes Vol. 1


DJ Kleva Kaslam is a 26 year old singer and producer from the small northern Namibian town known unofficially as Omukukutu. Omukukutu Funky Tunes Vol. 1, Kaslam’s debut release, showcases a joyous range of southern African house and Afropop, adorned with multi-part harmonies and strong rhythmic drum lines. Continue reading

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Kaslam sings songs of lost love, of dedication to previous generations of South African musicians, and even adapts a popular anthem sung during Namibia’s struggle for independence from South Africa’s apartheid-era mandate. These songs were written and recorded in Windhoek, Namibia’s capital, in close collaboration with BSR’s Okey Szoke, who produced the EP. One Joe, another Namibian singer with a forthcoming EP slated for release through BSR, and a good friend of Kaslam, also features on the release.

Kaslam’s is the sort of music that can be heard blasting out of $1 communal taxicabs in Windhoek; Brother Sister Records is honored to now share it with the rest of the world.

Written and performed by S. Kuduva
Produced by S. Szoke-Burke
Mastering and artwork by R. McNaught
Official Video by C. Campbell

1. Ngilandela (Ft. One Joe)
2. Kiratawena
3. Moita
4. Holla
5. Sunrise (Ft. One Joe)