bsr013 (Aug 09)

Drama for Yamaha


The album’s title evokes the idea that the songs are a collection of islands, an aesthetic cast in a mould of heavy pacific drums, serpentine and aquatic guitar lines, one hundred pieces of percussion and choral singing from all four members. Giving forth an oceanic rhythm are the songs through which Drama for Yamaha have constructed a narrative of ebbing departure and sea voyage.
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  1. Welcome
  2. Rutherford
  3. Diver
  4. Island Pop
  5. Lagoon
  6. Spears
  7. Supper
  8. Waterflies
  9. Coda

The album was recorded in 2006 and has been in post-production for almost three years.

Collected together on Archipelago are the stories of Rutherford, a listless and love-struck vampire; Diver, dedicated to the earnest and hardworking Melissa Wu; Island Pop’s local patrol returning to its village with the seasonal fruit harvests; the defeat of island civilisation in Spears; and the happi energy of swatting flies from one’s face while travelling on a raft (Waterflies).