bsr007 (Feb 07)

A Fifty Gallon Drum of Savage Customs, Fresh Flesh & Random Pop


This compilation was curated by two of the label’s founding members, Royce Ng and Sam Szoke-Burke, who also feature on the compilation via Emperors of Blefuscu and Inquiet, respectively. The compilation is an eclectic and unconventional inquiry into the world of primitive, childish, and whimsical music. It charts a map of the globe based on a series of colourfully detailed and irregular pop songs. Continue reading

  1. Pompey — Fifty Gallon Drum
  2. Brutal Vainqueur — Were You Gone
  3. Emperors of Blefuscu — Savage Customs
  4. Inquiet — Fresh Flesh
  5. Squimaoto — Rich in Vitamin C
  6. Design a Wave — Compy
  7. Directorsound — Before the March
  8. Andersens — Ether
  9. Saitto Elettrico Goodsound — World Premiere Grand Revue [#15 and 13]
  10. Aranos — Broken Eights
  11. Holland — Random Pop
  12. Super Creep — Get Off My Beach